Whilst studying a film degree, I filled my spare time and weekends with work as a camera trainee, where I learnt set etiquette and started to work with several contacts and friends. Upon graduating in 2013, I joined the list of Clapper Loaders on the Suz Cruz diary service.

Although digital cinema cameras were beginning to dominate the industry, I was fortunate enough to be trained by experienced 16mm and 35mm camera assistants. In 2021, I stepped up to work fulltime as a focus puller. 

I own the following equipment:

   - SmallHD 703 UB Wireless Monitor

   - CineRT Ultrasonic Rangefinder System

I am primarily based in London but am willing to travel. , and have worked on productions nationally and internationally. Since 2015, I have been a member of the Guild of British Camera Technicians (GBCT). A Selection of my Film & TV credits can be found on IMDB.

IPAF certified for mobile vertical (3a) and mobile boom (3b) MEWPs.

Experience with:  Multi-Camera  ·  Film & Digital Workflows  ·  External Recorders  ·  Carnet & Travelling with Equipment  ·  Chroma Key / Green Screen · Underwater Housings & Slash Bags  ·  Steadicam & Gimbals  ·  Car Rigs  ·  Low-Loaders & Tracking Vehicles  ·  Cranes, Jibs & Russian Arms  ·

Camera Array & VR 360 Rigs  ·  Fibre Remote Systems  ·  ENG  ·  High Speed & Timelapse  ·  Nespresso Coffee Machines


   ALEXA (all models)    ·    AMIRA    ·    ARRICAM LT, ST, ARRIFLEX 235, 435    ·    ARRIFLEX 416, 16SR3


   Millennium DXL    ·    Panaflex Platinum, Gold, Millennium XL2


   Venice    ·    F3, F55, FS-7    ·    A7S    ·    HDC-3500, 4300, 4800, P43, P50 


   V-Raptor, Monstro, Epic, Scarlet, One MX


   Penelope, 35-III    ·    XTR-Prod


   Varicam S-35    ·    HE/UE Series PTZ


   C100, C300    ·    5D, 7D


   Phantom    ·    Bolex H16    ·    GoPro    ·    Blackmagic    ·    Thomson LDK-6000, 8000

   Various analogue format cameras and workflows: HDCAM, XDCAM, Beta, Digital8, HDV, VHS, Super8